Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Is What Happens

Right after I write a post on being neat:

This is what our dining room looks like presently.  But for a good reason!

For quite some time now my daughter's old bedroom has been the catch-all room.   I HATE "junk" rooms and have always said I would NEVER have one in my house, but I also know to never say never!  This weekend was the time to declare war. No more junk room! No more junk room!

We cleaned everything out and painted the walls a khaki color to match the new bedspread I bought last year even though I did not have a mattress to put it on.  I gave the one I had to my daughter at the end of 2010 or the beginning of last year when she moved into a new apartment.  I never replaced it because I knew it would just be one more thing to have to move out when it was time to relcaim it as a bedroom.

My son's old room and the dining room are the only two rooms in the house that are not used very often so I had to move everything in one of those two and it had to be the dining room because I need to recarpet the two bedrooms. We painted and fixed up his room last year, but I had to wait about carpet because:

1. I was not ready to move everything out of the then "junk" room.

2. And because at the time there was carpet in the hallway.  I wanted it to be replaced so the carpet layers could address the new floor at the doorways instead of carpet.

You can see the orange, pink, and green bedding in the first pic.  The old iron bed belonged to my husband when he was growing up.  It is soooo heavy.  It takes both of us to move it.  It may very well be the heaviest piece of furniture in my house!  It is going to get repainted.  Also, the painted green dresser that it is leaning against will probably get repainted.  I have a lot to do in that room: paint trim and doors, paint beds, dresser, make a bedskirt, hang pictures, paint mirror, call the carpet layers....

This is why I put off redecorating a room.  One thing leads to another to another to another...

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