Friday, August 29, 2014

Creaks, Squeaks, Leaks, & Reeks

Some days I find myself in a state of wonderment! 

It creaks - the floors! 

It squeaks - yikes! 

It leaks - unfortunately! 

And it reeks - of 100 year old (ness)!!


Happy Friday! It is a wet one here in Texas! 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Furniture Shopping

Give me an antique store any day over a furniture store!! 

However...our growing need for what I call "soft" furniture forced us into the furniture stores this weekend. We have been in Texas for over a year with no sofa. And since the house does not have a downstairs bedroom we decided that a sleeper sofa would come in handy for guests who may not want to or cannot climb the stairs.  

I can honestly say that I enjoyed nothing about the experience! We purchased the only sleeper sofa that appealed to me and now I am just holding my breath and hoping it was not the wrong choice because given the fact that it's only our 3rd sofa purchase in 35 years, it may be another 12 before we buy another one! 

The sofa is a very light color, kind of olive green and off white ticking.  The fabric is not a heavy weight upholster fabric so I am a little concerned about how well it will hold up.  We did purchase the 5 year protection plan so that if anything happens to it they will send someone out to fix it or replace it if it can't be fixed.  We did not purchase the upgraded mattress so this may be something we have to go back and do later! 

No pics of it yet.  It will not be here until later this week.

We also bought a couple of chairs - different store.   I can always use them somewhere else when I find what I really want for this table. They are very inexpensive but look ok and will serve the purpose for a while.  This area has been convenient for us to use when we get on our laptops or to play a game of Yahtzee! 

Happy Monday everyone. I have been nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge (thanks to my daughter)!! Going to psych myself up! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nothing Says Fall

Like Mexican art work!  

Why this drew me in, I cannot tell you except that I loved the colors, I loved that it was created by local artisan, and I loved that it could be versatile! 

Not your average Jack-O-Lantern, that's for sure!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

In My Corner of the World

And right around this corner...Chloe says hello and come on in! 

Lots of work I desire to do in this room!! 

But for now I can live with it!   We plan to remove the sheet rock from the ceiling and hopefully the wood slats underneath will be in good enough shape to paint or varnish.  The walls, of course, will get painted. And some of the furniture will get a make-over. Some day I would like to add window treatment other than blinds. 

Here is my favorite corner of the house right now! 

I am finally feeling a little more settled in.  It's been a challenge to get everything cleaned and organized to the point to where it is now! It has only taken me four months - FOUR MONTHS!! 

Soon I will be able to start working on some furniture projects and maybe some small remodelings projects.

It is hard to take good pictures because of poor lighting! Have to stop procrastinating on learning how to use our camera! These pics are from my iPad! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Tons of work to do yet in the house.  Tons of "ugly" but "pretty"  is starting to show up here and there!