Thursday, August 14, 2014

In My Corner of the World

And right around this corner...Chloe says hello and come on in! 

Lots of work I desire to do in this room!! 

But for now I can live with it!   We plan to remove the sheet rock from the ceiling and hopefully the wood slats underneath will be in good enough shape to paint or varnish.  The walls, of course, will get painted. And some of the furniture will get a make-over. Some day I would like to add window treatment other than blinds. 

Here is my favorite corner of the house right now! 

I am finally feeling a little more settled in.  It's been a challenge to get everything cleaned and organized to the point to where it is now! It has only taken me four months - FOUR MONTHS!! 

Soon I will be able to start working on some furniture projects and maybe some small remodelings projects.

It is hard to take good pictures because of poor lighting! Have to stop procrastinating on learning how to use our camera! These pics are from my iPad! 

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