Sunday, September 25, 2011



I have been waiting and waiting for this post!  I have had several projects going at one time and couldn't seem to get one finished.

This dresser was a huge undertaking.  It is my first big piece to paint and didn't think I would ever finish.  It seemed like the drawers were having babies.  But I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  My camera just doesn't do it justice.  It was really the perfect piece for me to paint.  We bought it off the show room floor from a furniture store that was going out of business so it was cheap, cheap, cheap!  It is solid wood, no particleboard.  I didn't really care for the finish so there was nothing to lose.  It wasn't as if I was painting a priceless antique or a family heirloom. All the details made for a wonderfully distressed piece!



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Saturday, September 24, 2011


When it was time to take down my Fall wreath last year I threw it away so not to be tempted to use it again this year.  It was about 15 years old and looked every bit of it and then some.  I have looked for a new one and the prices are insane.  Even the smaller ones at the discount stores like Tuesday Mornings, T.J. Maxx, and Old Time Pottery are over priced. 

I am not fond of doing projects that require a hot glue gun or a sewing machine.  But...I had a wild hair today requiring me to fire up ye-old-glue-gun.  

Using an inspiration wreath from another blog, a grapevine wreath, some ribbon, and greenery I already had and fruit (fake) I bought at Wal-Mart:

WHALA: A new Fall wreath!  

Friday, September 23, 2011

We Have A Saying Around Here

Well, actually I have a saying and he has a saying!

His saying first: "I can make that."  This is what he always tells me whenever he's with me when I find something I want to buy for the house.  This is the down side of having a handy man/Mr. Fix It/Jack of All Trades for a husband.

My saying: "No, I've HAD this thing."  My response to this question: Is that new?

So... I know you're not going to tell him about my drift wood ball made from pieces of driftwood nailed together.  You know the one I've had FOREVER!  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sand and Surf

I have been enjoying a few days at Orange Beach, Alabama with a friend at her condo.  The weather was gorgeous.  And... we got to see a shark up close and personal.  It was swimming waaaay too close to the shoreline.  Don't worry I didn't get back in the water!!  We could have reached out and touched it though.  People were following it and taking pictures, but we didn't have our camera with us.

These pictures were taken from the balcony on the day after the "shark sighting" and it was hazy outside.

And surfing: NOT!  Unless surfing through antique stores and consignment shops count!