Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Ball Cap, a Fishing Pole, and Spit

Now, how's that for a title? 

I drove out of my driveway and through the neighborhood this morning as I headed to work.  When I got to the lake I spotted a young boy (teenagerish) fishing on the other side of the dam.  The closer I got to him, the more he reminded me of my son a few years ago.  He wore a jacket, blue jeans, and a baseball cap.  Just as I crossed the dam and got beside him, he leaned over and spat on the ground (a guy thing I guess - fishing and spitting must go hand-in-hand).  His height, size, clothing, mannerism (spitting), and pass time activity (fishing) seemed all too familiar.  It started to tug at my heartstrings.  But, I held the tears back.  OK, maybe I let a few fall.   

My son has been away at college for a little over a year now.  He got married about six weeks ago.  I adjusted to him leaving for college and being five hours away from home like a champ.  Really!  I surprised myself!  But, adjusting to the married thing caught me a little off guard.  Not sure why!  Maybe it's a mom thing? 

I have been asked several times since the wedding how it feels to be a mother-in-law.  It feels wonderful and kinda strange all at the same time.  Honestly I did not fall into the roll with the ease that I thought I would.  Not saying it has been bad  or a hard thing to do.  But, I had just assumed it would be something I would never give a second thought to, and I have.        

You wonder his entire life about the girl he will give his heart to.  You wonder who she is.  You wonder what she will look like and what kind of person she will be.  But you mainly worry that one day she will come and steal him away from you. 

Although they lived a mile apart from each other, they had never met until junior college.  Brittni is beautiful inside and out.  She is super smart and super talented.  But more importantly she loves my son!  B.J. spent some time with them before they married while I was away and he observed something that he later shared with me, "Lynn, she loves him.  She REALLY loves him.  I saw it this weekend.  I saw it in her face when she looked at him."

What more could a mother-in-law ask for?

I'm sure there will be more "ball cap, fishing pole, and spit" kinda moments for me.  It's a mother thing!

But now I eagerly anticipate and look forward to many daughter-in-law kinda moments!  It's a mother-in-law thing!     

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