Friday, September 2, 2011

Ugly Knows No Bounds

Touched up the walls.  Oops, wrong color.

I tried my recently purchased oil painting over our bed and liked it there.   After I we he paints the room this will more than likely be it's new home.  The huge turquoise "board" is old barn door we purchased about four months ago and turned it into a headboard.  These pictures will probably be replaced with wedding photos.

Comforter.  Want a new one, but will have to see how far I can stretch the budget.

View from the master bathroom.  Not sure what do with this bench.  I have tried it at the foot of the bed and didn't like it there.  It's a little too tall.  Maybe I'll try it again.  We'll see.

BIG plans for the dresser and hang the TV on the wall.

Must Go!  He will have to find a new place to hang his clothes.  I don't know.  Maybe in the closet?

Water stain from previous roof leak. The leak was fixed but the ceiling was never repainted.

View from hallway.

I like my lamps, but will look for something else.

Maybe new curtains.

And accessories.

I know it's sad but I keep telling myself it could be worse.  I am just ready to pull everything together a little better.  It all seems hodgepodge. It will still be a little on the eclectic side, but with a little more polished look, hopefully!

OK. Ugly I am sooo on to you.

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