Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Add to Wish List

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1. Camera - Last week my son sent me a picture of a camera he found on e-bay.  I DID ask him to be on the lookout for one, but I am also aware that he has been reading my blog.  And I'm pretty sure he was trying to tell me something.  ALSO, I thought I was charging my battery last night.  This morning: Nothing.  No power.  Nothing!  Not sure which one has left me high and dry:  the camera, the charger, or the battery.  Maybe all three?!  This is not exactly something I wanted to have on my wish list, but not sure I have a choice anymore.

Now then!  To continue on with my REAL wish list, promising to have pics posted by this weekend if I can resuscitate the Canon.      

There are many rooms in my house that are screaming makeover.  But I can hear my bedroom over all the others,  "Me first, me first!"  "Enough already.  I want this more than you do.  Just remember you didn't get this way overnight so this is not going to be an easy fix. Oh, yea and then there's this ugly little matter: B-U-D-G-E-T."   I'll do what I can but I'll not make any promises.  OK, are you ready, here's what I want for you:"     

2. Chair, table, or something to put at foot of bed

3. Paint walls

4. Paint ceiling

5. New bedding

6. New carpet (which is unlikely to come off my wish list this go round)

7.  Accessories

8. Remove exercise equipment/clothes hanger

9. Paint dresser

10. Hang t.v. on wall

11. Pillows for bench

12. Lamps

13. New curtains

14. Make collage of family photos

15. Artwork        

Again, as soon as I have access to a working camera and as soon as I can swallow my pride, I will  publicize the atrociousness of my bedroom in it's current state.  And then I will happily share the makeover and the cost with anyone who may be remotely interested.  Until then... 

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