Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Or Not!

BUT...this morning it sounded a lot like Christmas.  (at least it did in my car)

Usually during my thirty minute commute to work every morning I listen to K-Love, but this morning I could not pick up the station clearly. So... I got an idea: Turn my a/c up as high as it would go and pop a Christmas CD in.  I listened to Barry Manilow In The Swing Of Christmas.

I can't really say I got In The Swing since everytime I looked at the thermometer it read 90 degrees (and this was before 8:00 am). But it was fun anyway.

When I use to taxi my children around, the fuss they would put up when I tried to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving was relentless. It was never even worth me giving it a try. But now... I'm free to be me!!  And "me" wanted to listen to Christmas music on this 24th day of August 2011 and so by golly I did!

Who knows, maybe I'll go home and put up my Christmas tree!!??

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