Friday, September 9, 2011

Thrifty Finds

McCarty's cobalt blue gumbo bowl.  Retails for approx. $25.00.  Found in thrift store for $4.00!

You've already seen this.  B.J. went dumpster diving in New Orleans for this chair.  Needs some TLC.

Industrial wood and metal canister from B.J.'s work place.  They were cleaning shop and he saved this for me. Not sure what I will do with it yet.  But it's an interesting and unique find.

B.J. dumpster diving again.  He saved this headboard for me to make another chalkboard.  Check out the writing.  It looks like some troubled child in the New Orleans area needs saving!  Isn't this sad?  Great opportunity to pray for this person as I work on transforming the piece.

Found this corbel in a thrift store.  I was walking out the door empty handed when I spotted it.  $3.50

Found this vintage lunch box in an antique store without a price.  Lady sold it to me for $5.00.

Thrift store find. $1.50

An update on this:  In the shop!  I was anticipating being advised that I should paint or refinish the chair before getting it upholstered!  Thankfully, that didn't happen but when I asked the man if he had ever recovered anything in the kind of fabric I brought to him and he said no, but that he had seen stranger!!   Can't wait to share.  It will be a couple of weeks.  Hopefully not longer!

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