Friday, January 20, 2012

Real or Fake

It appears to me that in blogland especially in the world of home decor that most of those who have an interest and a knack for designing the inside of their homes also have the same talents with plants and landscaping their yards. 

I am sure there are exceptions. 

I am one!

I love a beautifully landscaped yard, but I have no skills in that area.  My thumb has never been close to any of the gazillion shades of green whatsoever.


I decided about three weeks ago that I needed something green and alive in my house. I have way too many fake plants and I am getting tired of them.  I know I will probably never get rid of all of them, but I would like to scale back a wee bit!

I took a huge risk in following through with bringing something home that would actually need water, sun, and nurturng to live.  Not a risk for me, but a risk for this poor thing:

Right now it looks good and it makes me happy.  Maybe just maybe it will like me back, and continue to thrive. 

Here are a few of my fake plants:


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