Friday, January 6, 2012

On Paint:

I hate to paint.  Did I ever mention that?  I hate the mess and I hate the process.  About halfway into it I begin to question myself and am usually ready to ditch the entire project.  But then when I see everything begin to come together I muster up enough enthusiasm to finish what I started and then I, more times than not, love the outcome. 

Several people have asked me to paint something for them.  I can't bring myself to do it.  Mainly for the lack of time but also because it scares me.  It's one thing to mess up something that belongs to me but an entirely different story to mess up a piece of furniture that belongs to someone else.  I DID paint a dresser for my niece's nursery last year that turned out cute.  But I thought I was going to have to go buy her a new dresser before it reached "cuteness"!

Here is a corbel that I purchased at a thrift store last year for $3.50.  I painted it Wednesday evening and for some reason the paint didn't want to adhere. I'm going to redo it. Maybe! Because did I mention that I hate to paint?

I know painted furniture has been around forever it and will continue to be but it will probably not always be as trendy as it is right now. That's why I will never go wild and crazy painting everything around me.  I don't like to paint antiques unless they are in really bad shape so there are pieces of furniture in my house that will never get painted.  Like this sideboard in my foyer:

Or this industrial cart used as a coffee table:

BTW: I went to New Orleans yesterday to shop.  The antique store where we purchased ours has raised their prices on these carts by nearly $300.00.  Glad I got mine when I did.    
Something else that will never see paint, my piano:

 Or this curio cabinet:

Or the four poster bed in my son's old room:

Here are some things I am itching to paint. My fireplace mantel for one:

My kitchen cabinets:

And the drop leaf table I use for my computer desk:

Here is something I'm straddling the fence on.  I have an antique dining room suite that I 'm not in love with but I don't want to get rid of it.  I have the china cabinet, table, six chairs, and a side table. Here is the china cabinet.  After looking at this pic, I think I'll start out by maybe painting the inside of it for now.   What do you think? 

Something I painted last year.  My dresser:

And something I would like to re-paint.  Antique hutch:

Whew, enough talk about painting.  I'm breaking out in hives as I type.  Let's change the subject!

As I mentioned earlier I went shopping in New Orleans yesterday.  The town was buzzing with people getting ready for the LSU vs Alabama game this weekend.  It is a crazy place to be right now but I manged to maneuver through a VERY small portion of it to shop.  Here is my one and only purchase of the day.  Vintage place mats that I will eventually get framed:

How do I always manage to turn a new purchase into a new project?  For every time I get to scratch something off my project list, I have to add something else to it!!  Oh well, it must be what I love to do.

OK, I had better get off of here and get busy.  I'm off to "scratch" and "add"!!!

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