Thursday, January 19, 2012

Line Up, Please. And In Orderly Fashion!

I don't think I could be classified as a fanatic, but by nature I guess I am somewhat of a "neat freak".  Please note that everything in my house is not "orderly" and what may be in order today may not be that way tomorrow.  But it's always my goal!  So, with that in mind, the pictures I am about to show you are ONLYof things presently (you guessed it) in order. 

What?  You didn't think I would show you my junk room, did you?

My new rugs for the hallway.  Matching and perfectly lined up!

I would prefer my silverware drawer look like this.

And not like this.

My dishes to match.

And my clothes to be neatly folded in their "assigned" drawers.

Towels folded.

Magazines put away.

And beds made.

 (O.K. maybe just a little fanatical.)

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