Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hanging Around

Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed to one day have one of these hanging in my house (and I'm not talking about the chandelier!):

Antlers are a popular decorative item right now, but I would probably never actually purchase any. My dad killed this moose in Colorado several years ago. So not only do I feel like I have something stylish, I also have something that holds special meaning.  He also gave me the newspaper article that featured his story.  Right now they are hanging out in my dining room but I may move them soon. I am still hoping to replace the carpet in our living room and dining room in a few months and tear down the wall separating the two.   When  EVERYTHING gets moved out and comes off the walls there is no telling how it may go back in!! 

In the meantime, what am I doing right now?   As usual, about 4 different things at one time.  How do I get myself into this?

1. Working on ideas for my burlap sacks.  See here.
2. Painting a dresser for my niece's baby room.  She is having TWINS!! YAY!
3. The "biggey":  Our bedroom
4. Dying to paint my mom's coffee table.  Can't wait!

I have a hard time juggling projects.  It always seems like I am neglecting something to improve something else.  Anybody else ever feel this way?  I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end.  But sometimes the end is nowhere in sight!  My bedroom feels like that right now.  We are in the process of replacing the carpet that was in there.  It was in desperate need of replacing, but it was also something we were not planning to do right away.  I will share the story and some pictures of our mess progress soon.  

Hopefully, I can squeeze in some time to finish one of my other projects to share before and afters!    

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