Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Done!

Last piece down!  As I shared in a previous post we decided to replace the carpet in the master bedroom with a laminate floor.  Many reasons: 1. The carpet was old and nasty and to make matters worse, while preparing to paint we moved an elliptical machine out and spilled battery acid all over it.  2. We wanted to make sure we liked it before putting it down in the family room and dining room. 3.  It was good practice before tackling those larger rooms.    

I decided that I do LOVE it, so we will attempt to continue on into the other rooms.  They were fairly easy to install, very affordable, and look incredibly like real wood.  
Now I am trying to put my house back together and get ready for Thanksgiving.  Things have been upside down around here.  I will decorate for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over and then we will begin to tackle the hallway.  The rest of the house will have to wait until after the first of the year.  It will be a good project for January and February when it is too cold to get out.  

I took a break from all the floor madness and went shopping with a friend one day last week.  We had lunch together and then hit some local antique shops.  I forgot to take my camera but I spent a lot of time drooling because drooling was about all I could afford to do.     The prices were WAY over the top, at least for me.  I couldn't even afford a Christmas ornament in most of them. Seriously!  

By the way, I will post pics of my room when I am finished decorating.  That will be the fun part, but since I am making my curtains, I can't promise it will be anytime soon.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate sewing!!

Here is a recent purchase from one of my favorite antique stores.  She actually has many affordable things in there.  I bought two of these, one for both sides of my window in the dining room.  They were only $30.00 each.  I figured that was about a fourth of what they would have cost in one of the other stores I visited.    

Well I am off to clean and cook!  Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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