Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Hear The Train A Comin'

It's rollin' 'round the bend... Anyone remember this Johnny Cash song? "Folsom Prison Blues" 

I could not sleep last night.  It always takes me a few weeks to get adjusted to the time change.  I wind up falling asleep around 7:00 while watching t.v., and waking up somewhere around midnight unable to go back to sleep for several hours.  Ugh!!

As I lay awake in my bed at 2:00 this morning, I heard a train go by.  I listened to it rumbling down the tracks and the whistle blowing and realized how blessed I am to live close enough to railroad tracks that I'm able to hear those sounds on occasion.  Some people never do.  I LOVE to hear them!  Growing up, there were a few times when we lived close to railroad tracks.  I guess it's one of those comforting sounds that brings me back to my childhood. 

Speaking of sounds...

I live in a rural area, in a restricted subdivision not too far away from town but far enough out to still be considered "the country".  "Country" as in when you go outside you can hear cows mooing and roosters crowing.  The people who live directly behind our subdivision have obviously owned cows and roosters throughout the years.  I don't always hear them and haven't heard a cow in a long time, but yesterday while in my backyard I heard a rooster crowing.  I LOVE that sound too!  

Speaking of roosters...

I thought I would share MY roosters with you.  I have a few in the kitchen and breakfast room, but not too many.  (Not real ones, silly.) I'm not a big fan of collections and do not like to go into a house and see one particular item that has taken over, such as roosters or rabbits, etc. so I try to keep the things I like to a minimum.  Here are some pics:

Bowl on top of the kitchen cabinets

 Painting in the breakfast room

 Lamp in the breakfast room

 Jar sitting on a shelf in the kitchen

Jar (gift from a friend) on top of a wooden box in the kitchen.  I bought this box a few years ago at an antique store already painted this way.  (I've been on the fence about repainting it.)  The card that came with it reads: "First money drawer at Rings Hardware, opened before 1890 and sold 1990."  Not so sure I buy that.

 Here's a little better picture of it 

Another rooster standing tall on top of the cabinets

I realize this post has gotten way off "track" and a bit "corny" (track, corny! get it?)  But I guess that's what sleep deprivation does to me!  SORRY!


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