Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Mind Has Been Playing Tricks On Me

We brought back a few large pieces of furniture, as well as, several boxes and other things from Mississippi last week.  It was unloaded from the u- haul and into the living room. ALL OF IT!  

Despite being sick with a sinus infection or whatever I still have I spent last week unpacking the boxes and putting things away .  We worked on the TV room over the weekend so this week I planned on getting back into some sort of routine around here. But when I got ready to busy myself yesterday morning I couldn't get passed feeling "gridlocked" when I looked into the living room. 

Gridlocked in the sense that the recliner needed to be moved to another room but couldn't until the rug got put down but the table that went in the corner where the blue dishes were stacked up was in the way and couldn't be moved until the plate rack got hung and the buffet that would be placed against the wall couldn't be moved until the dresser was moved and the coffee table with the trunk sitting on top of it was in the way and trunk needed to hauled upstairs and the coffee table moved to another room... I could keep going but you get the point!

Thankfully BJ sensed my distress and went into action as soon as he got home from work helping me place everything JUST as I had it pictured in my mind. We worked late into the night and guess what?

My mind was wrong!! Wrong, wrong, wrong!! 

Nothing and I mean nothing looks like I envisioned it!! The only thing I like is the placement of a dresser under the plate rack that I had not planned on! The new rug I bought does not work in the room.  I love it but it's gotta go! It's not right for the room! The buffet along the wall looks small and lost.  The chair next to the buffet makes the room seem off balanced. And this table I planned to use in the corner looks too crowded!  

This coffee table is too large for the TV room so now I hope it works in the living room!

I am back to square one!  Now I'm worried about finding the perfect place for everything and even more worried that BJ will not be on board for another evening of furniture shuffle. 

Losing it! My mind that is! 

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  1. You have no idea how much I can relate to this post LMHO - this happens to me even with renovating the entire house - up and down stairs with furniture and John mumbling curses under his breath -
    You'll make it perfect - I know you will ♥