Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mantles, Sofas, and Baseball

Here is my mantle vignette. For now anyway! I would like to change the light fixtures, but will probably wait until we paint the room.  Unlike my other mantle, this one is wider and an electrical outlet is located on the top making it convenient for Christmas decorations. 

Went shopping today for a sofa. Came home confused, discouraged, and without a sofa!! We have decided to put a sleeper sofa in the den to give us a bed downstairs since all the bedrooms are upstairs.  It will also give us peace of mind when we have guests who cannot climb the stairs. 

I can't decide what I want and the choices are few for the size I need.  Oh well, I'll eventually find something.  Realized last week we've only purchased two new sofas in our 35 years of marriage.  Our last one was a hand-me-down. So the way I see it, this one will need to last us approximately 15 years. Lol 

We have tickets to a baseball game tomorrow evening.  Not looking forward to sitting in the heat, but a Rangers game is something we wanted to experience while here in Texas, so one more thing to check off our list.  

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