Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Water Closet

Fancy name for bathroom AND because the space feels more like a closet!  In fact my closet at home is bigger!

The first time I ever took a shower in here and heard a man cough when I  knew I was suppose to be alone nearly sent me into cardiac arrest! Literally!  I am use to it now! (Not that a man always coughs when I shower, but when I DO hear it, I don't panic!) Oh, the joys of apartment living!

So why am I blogging about my bathroom? And why would I think anyone would remotely be interested? We'll this may just have to forever be one of life's little mysteries I guess! But here goes anyway!

I can sit on the toilet seat to put my make-up on. How's that for an interesting tidbit?

There could be plenty of storage in here if it weren't for this thing! Quite the surprise when I opened the door for the first time! Oh well, at least they thought to put it somewhere out of sight! 

Normally I don't like "public displays"! But this time it just couldn't be helped. All the time I waste, spend on Pinterest finally paid off! 

I have a blue night light in here that totally ( trust me when I say totally) illuminates the teeny tiny space.

And that is why in the evenings I sometimes take a bath with only the blue light on!  You know the old saying, "What you can't see can't hurt you"! Semi darkness helps take the "hurt" away!  It and Calgon!  

Take me away, Calgon, to a beautifully decorated and spacious bathroom, kind of like this one! Lol

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