Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saving Myself From Stir Crazy

I haven't kept it a secret that I can go stir crazy in my apartment!

It's hard to believe that we're coming up on our one year anniversary in Texas!   We never dreamed our house in Mississippi would still be on the market after all these months!  Selling it may not solve all of the stir crazy woes around here but it will surely solve many of them! 

We have no room for friends  and family to come and stay.

We have no privacy. The man who lives under us sits in his recliner by his window ALL day and keeps up with our comings and goings. I am not afraid of him and he is probably just a lonely person but regardless he still gives me the creeps! 

We have no outdoor space!

We have nowhere to work on projects and hobbies.

We have NO extra space for storage or just to spread out.

We have no laundry room!!!!!

And I could go on and on but all I am doing is stirring my "crazies"! 

With our one year anniversary coming up, our apartment lease is about to be up and we have a major decision to make! I have tossed and turned; stewed and struggled with what to do, and still have no clear direction.  Do we stay or do we go? 

Do we stay in this apartment?  Do we work on patience and contentment in order to avoid higher rent, new deposits, and just the hassle of moving in hopes that our house will sell soon so we can buy one here? 


Do we find a place where we can be more comfortable despite the higher cost? The problem is that even though we may be more comfortable I am afraid we will still not feel "settled"! That may not happen until we have a place of our own! 


Do we find another apartment or do we rent a house? A bigger apartment would only solve the indoor space problem and not the privacy or outdoor space problems. A house may require maintenance and upkeep that we have enjoyed taking a break from. 

These thoughts have been "stirring" around inside my head ever since I have been here.

I am praying that within the next two months God will show us what to do by either providing the perfect rental house for us or giving us peace about staying where we are.  

Have I stirred anyone else's crazies with all of this?? 

In the meantime one of the things I do to solve my weekday "stir-crazies" is weekend outings! And it just so happened that yesterday's outing was in Canton, Texas! 

OMG. I just wrote three paragraphs and didn't save them!! Ugh!! Here goes again. Oh well, what else do I have to do today? a. watch Super Bowl pre-game b. go outside in the freezing rain c. rewrite blog

Answer: c

Occasionally I grieve over something I walk away from because I regret not buying it!  It is usually something that is a steal of a deal, rare or unique, or something I love or have wanted for a long time.  The hubbies encouragement or discouragement usually helps me with my indecisevness when I don't know whether to buy or walk away. 

This happened a couple of years ago when I walked away from a plate rack in an antique store in Vicksburg.  I loved it, have always wanted one, it was very old and unusual, but we both thought it was a little pricey. I left it there and have regretted it ever since. 

It took two years of searching to realize how rare and hard to find these plate racks are and to decide the price was not so bad after all. I declared I would buy the next one I found and loved no matter the cost. (Well maybe NOT on the "no matter the cost"). 

I walked in a booth in Canton yesterday and there it was!! Hanging on the wall!  I was not making the same mistake twice. The owner took 100.00 off the price! I knew it was meant to be! 

Never mind that I have no wall space to hang it on OR that it's making my tiny little abode tinier and the walls are closing in tighter!

 Just call me CRAZY!!!

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