Thursday, February 13, 2014

danke schön

Definition: thank you very much

I never knew that! I always thought it was a song sung by Wayne Newton.

Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen
Thank you for all the joy and pain
Picture show, second balcony, was the place we'd meet
Second seat, go dutch treat, you were sweet...

We stopped at a flea market last Saturday on our way back to Ennis from San Antonio. It was an interesting one with a good mixture of families renting tables to sell household items, to collectors and dealers who had some great items to sale. 

I bought this platter from a little old lady who fell into the category above of a family selling some of their household items. She reminded me of an Eskimo.

It was only 8.00 and in perfect condition with only season cracks.  She spoke little and broken English as she tried to give me a deal on some other blue plates she had but I didn't really care for them. Only the platter!  As we walked away she said, "Danke Schoen!"  And although I had never heard those words spoken other than in a song I somehow knew what she was saying to me. Thank you very much! 

With those words in mind...I want to share...

I know having this blog allows me to share things that normally I would never do. For the most part I am a very private person. And while I may reveal a few things here and there on this blog or on Facebook there are details about myself and my family that will forever remain private.

 However... for some reason I felt led to share with you what took place in my bedroom this morning!

Here goes...

This morning the love of my life, my soul mate, held me in his arms...

 Lol. Wish I could see your faces!

And he prayed for me, for us, for our family...and just when I thought he had fallen asleep because of the long span of silence he wiped the tears from his eyes, the ones that had him choked up so he could not speak. 

After the prayer, he then whispered sweet nothings in my ear...

Actually they were "somethings"! He talked about Valentines Day and what the day meant and then he began to list all the reasons why he loved me! The serious ones and the way too many silly ones!! 

It was a moment I will cherish always!


You didn't think I was going in a different direction with this, did you?

Shame on you! 

However, since I am spilling the beans I will go ahead and tell you something else you may want to know about me... I deal with struggles and challenges. Everyday. Personal, job, family...

Bet you aren't shocked by that, are you? Because who doesn't?  Right?

Despite the challenges and struggles, I still have an over abundance of blessings in my life. Don't you?  All in the form of a risen Savior, hopes, dreams, children, parents, husband, friends, job, food, house, clothes, health, freedom... I think you get it! Too many things to list!! 

I can't turn on the TV right now without seeing Valentines Day commercials.  They leave us feeling like we are failures if we don't go out and buy  flowers, candy, and diamonds. 

I would not trade all the flowers, candy, and diamonds in the world for the gift I received this morning!

Danke Schoen, darling,  Danke Schoen

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