Friday, February 21, 2014

Know When To Fold 'Em

While I am truly grateful to the owner of the company where B J works for lending us her fold-out "camping" table, it was time for us to do something! It is hard to tell from this pic but it has another fold out side (next to the window). There is just not enough room in the apartment to open it up completely but it has worked out fine for the two of us the way it is.  By the way, the chairs also fold up. They are flimsy and they scare me! I never feel secure when I am sitting in one! 

We found this little drop leaf table at the Canton Flea Market last month and got it for a great price $250.00, at least I think it was a great price since I have found similar ones on the internet for $500.00 and over. The owner had it shoved in a corner to make repairs on it before she displayed and priced it! Lucky her for not having to make the repairs and lucky me for getting a bargain! With just a little work it will be fine and dandy and I know just the man who can make it happen! 

It has been riding around in the back of my car for about three weeks partly because it is heavy and we dreaded carrying it up the stairs but also because we need to return the borrowed table to make room for it.  We bit the bullet (rather we grunted and groaned) last night as we hauled it up the stairs because I have to pack the car for our trip home today. 

I am now on the look out for some chairs.  I don't know exactly what I want but hoping it will be a "know them when I see them" moment!  One thing I do know for sure is that they will NOT be "fold up"! So far I have avoided a "Funniest Home Video" clip with the ones we have now and I want to keep it that way!! 

Off to pack!! Have a great Friday!! 

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