Monday, January 27, 2014

Charles Faudree and Walking Canes

I love Charles Faudree's decorating style! Every single thing about his French country flair I love! I only recently learned that he passed away.  It was in 2012 I believe. This made me wonder whether his books may become rare and hard to find at some point in the future.  I have three of them already but now I am on a mission to find and buy the rest of them. 

I also love the fact that he decorates with these:

Walking canes have become our new interest. And as much as we love browsing antique stores and flea markets for any and everything, it's been fun to have something in particular to search for.  My husband and I have turned it into a game. Our goal is find canes that are unique and affordable!  Affordable meaning cheap!!! It's been a challenge!

He spotted the darker one first  and it was only $10.00!  The store owner said she bought it at an estate sale and admitted she did not know its value or how much to ask for it .  I am pretty sure she did not ask enough!

He also found the carved one!

Isn't it gorgeous?  This is our latest purchase but $10.00 it was not! It met our criteria on being unique, but the price was a little high. Still at $80.00 we believe we got a bargain after going home and doing some internet research!

THE GAME IS ON!  So far he's winning, but the way I figure it, either way, I'm still a winner! 

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