Thursday, January 23, 2014

"I'm New To The Area"

And don't think I haven't been using those words to my advantage!

"Hello, Officer, You see I'm new to the area and I did not realize I was going down a one way street backwards!" LOL (BTW that happened to my husband, NOT ME!! And it did NOT work!!) He got a traffic ticket his very first day in Ennis, Texas!!

Before moving to Texas I lived in the same town for 40+ years and because of that you would think the opposite would be true, but I often felt intimidated to venture out and experience new things and new places. I was in a rut as far as where I shopped, the restaurants I went to and even what I ordered from the menu, the clinics I used, the church I attended, and the list goes on! Maybe it was not always intimidation that kept me from venturing out of my comfort zone but rather it was "what" or "who" I knew or maybe what I was expected to know!

Let me try to explain!

Being "new to the area" gives me a slight advantage to explore options and to form opinions that are solely mine!

-I have no way of knowing a restaurant's reputation. It's been fun to experience the local cuisine and find out for myself whether I like it or not!
-And I could not possibly be expected to know what's good or what's a favorite on a menu being "new to the area" so I don't mind asking the waiters or waitresses for suggestions.
-I've visited several of the churches in the area without expectations from someone I know who attends or expectations of my own.  We may never have this opportunity again once we get settled somewhere.
-There are so many churches back home that I never got to visit  even once. It would have been awkward for me to walk through the doors of some of them since I was NOT "new to the area".
-Despite the fact that I have no sense of direction, certainly no one expects me to not get lost since I'm "new to the area"?!!?
-I don't have to be embarrassed to ask for directions in a town I have lived in for over forty years since I'm "new to the area"! 
-My doctors back home have been my doctors for over 30 years. I was forced to find a new one recently only because one of them retried. It's hard to make changes once a thirty year old relationship has been formed.
-I made my first appointment this week here in Texas. It is with an optometrist. I will not feel obligated to go back if I am not pleased with the doctor, staff, or facility.
-It's been fun trying to find all the flea markets, antique shops, and thrift stores in the area.
-And because I'm "new to the area" I have by no means found them all but that's my goal!
-It's been freeing to meet shop owners, company owners, bank officers, etc. without knowing how much clout they carry in the community, their reputation, or something about  their past.
-I look forward to finding new friends in Texas.
-New experiences await me in Texas and I am feeling truly blessed to be "NEW TO THE AREA"!

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