Thursday, November 6, 2014


I have never had a home office and never really wanted one until recently. Our new (old) house has a couple of rooms I could convert into an office if I wanted to and I want to!! Here is a pic from previous owners of the room off the master bedroom.  They used it as an exercise/ TV room. I think it will make a PERFECT office! 

We just happened on this PERCECT little desk for me to use in there last weekend and could not resist it. It may have had a leather inset on top at one time  but it's PERFECTLY fine the way it is now!  And I don't think I will paint it either. Or maybe I will?!?!?

Not too small. Not too large. PERFECT size. 

Details on legs: 

It is solid maple and we paid $125.00. From what we could find online, it appears that we got a deal! 


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  1. Oh Lynn - I'm so in love with your house - you have a sleeping porch - JEALOUS !!!
    Gorgeous desk !