Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christmas Overload

Here is where we spent Saturday morning. 

Christmas Warehouse Arlington Texas.  

Too much stuff, too many people, too high priced;  in my opinion anyway! I refuse to pay 800.00 for a tree or 50.00 for a single piece of garland, especially when it would take several pieces to decorate anything!!

It was, however, a beautifully decorated store and a great place to get ideas. 

 Colorful, cute and whimsical.

Trees galore! This is not all of them and I didn't take a pic of the room full of the undecorated ones for sale. 

I love this!

 And this:

Santa was around every corner

Oops, where did he go?

The overhead decor was stunning!

The Tea Room

Still a touch of fall

If I could have taken anything in the store home it would have been these.

Loved the angel.

And carolers

And the nativity 

The one single item in the entire store (that I saw, anyway) that indicated the reason for ALL of this!

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