Friday, November 14, 2014

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful!

And it's ONLY  November. 

Occasionally I have wondered why the previous owners would ever want to sell and leave this wonderful old house (they still live in this town, in a newer house) ! I may be getting closer to understanding why!!

We bought an old sled last week to decorate and use for Christmas, but we may be using it to get to HEB (grocery store) or work before this winter is over!

It looks like this one.

I have something like this in mind! Maybe without the skates. I DID buy some rusty jingle bells to place on it. 

Thankful for...

-BJ was curious enough to learn about an energy efficient electric company before we moved in and he signed us up.  This town is different from what we are use to at home as far as utility companies go. Instead of having only one available for the area you live in, you get to choose from several.  Ours is not the same one the previous homeowners used, so the winter electric bill they described to us may not be the case since we went with another company. 

-Electric, infrared heaters.


-Winter lasts only a few  months.

-Electric blankets.

-Hot coffee. Hot chocolate.

It is going to take everything within me to not complain all winter about being cold. Hopefully when we get our first electric bill I will not be so afraid to crank up the heat. 

Stay warm!!

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  1. Well last winter ( our first winter in this place ) we spent 4800 to heat it - just heating ( not including electricity because this place is heated with oil )
    I've never paid that kind of money before for heat -
    We had a lot of reno's going on at the time - so doors were opening and closing constantly - I'm hoping that's the reason why!