Thursday, October 30, 2014

In Memory of Cruzee

Close to fifteen years ago, my daughter talked me into letting her get a cat. It was a compromise! She wanted a dog. I didn't want either! I was not a cat person and was not about to become one but I knew a cat would stay outdoors so surely it would stay out of my way and out of my heart! 

Cruzee Man did stay outdoors but he never stayed out of our way as you are about to read and he somehow managed to worm his way into my heart. Tonight I am very sad that he is no longer with us! 

- He was our second choice. The first one hissed at us and he was mean.  Cruzee also hissed but he sounded scared and we oohed and aahed at his hisses. 

- He shared his food. On many occasions I ran outside in the middle of the night because I would hear cats fighting.  Cruzee would be on top of my car looking down on the stray cats fighting over HIS food.  Silly cat! 

- He climbed a tree when he was young and was scared to come down. He would not respond to B.J. so I had to go outside to call him.  When he heard my voice he climbed down. 

- I drove to Wal Mart in the truck one day without knowing he was under the toolbox. I heard him meowing when I got out. He was so scared. I went in the store and bought tuna fish to coax him in the cab but he would not budge. I drove home with him still under the toolbox.  We made it home ok but it was his last trip to Wal Mart! Lol

- More times than not he jumped in my car when I opened the door. 

- Stubborn!! He was every bit of that!

- Katie took him to the vet and had him shaved one summer because his hair had become matted and you could just tell how much he enjoyed being lighter and cooler.

- He killed three baby squirrels one day and I was very mad at him.

-  He also killed cute little chipmunks.

- Amost every lizard we saw near our house was missing all or part of its tail!

- His real name was Chico. Cruzee was a nickname.

- He loved boxes.

- He used the door frame as a scratching post and we fussed at him about it. 

- He loved to climb in the attic but was too afraid to climb down.

- He stayed underfoot until we fed him every morning and every evening.

- When he made up his mind to run inside when we opened the door to the house there was no stopping him!  It was his sneaky side.

- In the winter when the temperature dropped below freezing, I would put him inside in the laundry room.  He loved it and never made a sound.  It was almost as if he thought if he was quite then we would forget he was inside and let him stay! 

- He liked it when I sat outside. He thought I was there to keep him company. He loved to rub up against my feet and legs.

- When we opened the door to walk into the house, he slapped at our legs.  He also sat on the car tire and slapped anyone who walked by. 

- He loved to play in fresh pine straw when we were trying to put it in the flower beds. 

- He was beautiful! 

These are only a few of the many memories I have of our silly little cat. 

Cruzee, you were so very much a part of our family and you will always hold a place in our hearts. It is hard to remember when you weren't a part of us! We are so sad! 

We love you and we will miss you, sweet man! 

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