Thursday, June 12, 2014

On The Floor No More

B.J. and  I have slept on the floor for 11 days, ELEVEN DAYS, the entire time we have been in this house. The box springs for our mattress had to be reordered since we needed a split set so that we could get it up the stairs! It came in yesterday and I have never been so happy to make a bed! 

I spy a little poodle.

Slowly but surely getting some kind of order into our lives again.  I am a routine and organized kinda person and I am at my best when things around me have order. And I can honestly say the last two weeks have been pretty rough trying to get us settled in. Progress has been slow but it's getting there! At the speed of a turtle, but getting there! 

We also picked up my estate sale sofa from storage yesterday. It will get a make over someday, as will the floors, the mirror, the wallpaper..........

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