Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How's The House Coming Along?

That's a question I get a lot lately. And I feel like my answer should be different. I want to give them a list of all of our ongoing projects and maybe even a few completed ones. But the truth is we have been busy with nothing more than getting settled in. It's been a challenge for me to get organized in a two story house.  I am having to learn where to put our things so we are not constantly going up and down the stairs. I learn something new everyday. 

My main accomplishment last week was lining the kitchen cabinets and finding the most convenient place to put things away in there.  This week I am organizing our closets. We have made several trips back and forth to our storage unit to pick up things, so just when I think I am putting a dent in all this organizing I find myself staring at more containers full of things that need a home! And then there are the normal weekly things I have to do that are important such as grocery shopping, laundry, running errands, etc.

I sit and stare at ceiling fans and blinds that are dirty and keep telling myself in time, in time! 

Hopefully this weekend we will begin to paint! I will feel much better to finally get one room ready to live in! I like red, but this room needs to be light and bright.  The bookshelves darken it.  Someday I may paint them but not now! I am itching to make over the window seat! 

But for today, I have more closets to organize! 

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