Thursday, June 5, 2014

Divide and Conquer

Late yesterday afternoon the guy from the cable company came  to hook up our internet. When he stepped into the house he immediately commented on how big the house was. And for the rest of the day I worried!! Is it too big? Can we do this?  Should we have bought something smaller, something newer, something nicer... The day ended with more discouragement and more worry through some phone calls that were placed.

I know that discouragement is brought on by fear; fear of criticism, fear of responsibility, and fear of failure. Last night we were blasted by all of those fears.  I also know that fear does not come from the One who placed us in this small town in Texas and into this 109 year old house but rather from the one who will use others to plant those seeds of discouragement and doubt.

I am still tired from the move and then to throw into the mix, I had a doctors appointment yesterday, so to say the least the day proved to be quite draining, emotionally and physically.

So...where does one begin in this BIG OLD house?  Here is my approach:  divide and conquer!

I have basically divided this house into twelve areas and  have a two to three step plan for each one. As soon as phase one is complete throughout the entire house I will move on to the next with the exception of the family room.  Sounds a little OCD, doesn't it?  I know!!

Phase 1: Clean and organize

Phase 2: Paint, window treatment, lighting, decorate...

Phase 3: Bathroom make-over, kitchen appliances, new floors in certain areas...

THE FAMILY ROOM: We need a place to retreat to so phase 1 and 2 will get done in here at the same time.  


 Plans: ~ Remove the popcorn ceiling (someone scheduled to come do this for us on Friday)
           ~ Paint walls, door, and trim
           ~ Replace ceiling fan
           ~ Window treatment
           ~ Buff floors
           ~ Furniture and accessories
           ~ Start collecting books LOL! Gotta fill these shelves!!

Hoping for a brighter day today!  If anyone is looking for me, my OCD self will be in ROOM 1 working on PHASE 1.

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