Monday, June 9, 2014

Empty Nest

(I cannot believe I am writing this post for the second time as I accidentally deleted the first one. I HATE it when that happens! You would think I would have learned by now to save as I go.)

On another side note: it is storming (raining, thundering, lightning) today and that hasn't happened much since we have been in Texas. It is suppose to do this all day and I wish I could curl up with a book but that's not going to happen!! 

Ok, back to my "re-write". 

Although our two children are no longer at home, this is not the empty nest I am referring to, but rather a big old house with very little furniture. To be specific we have three bar stools that came with the house, a newly purchased mattress on a bed frame, a table, and two chairs.  That's it. The rest of our furniture is still in Mississippi. And while it will be enough to fill up this place, I still need a few items such as a new sofa and end tables for the bedroom. 

Now, there is only one thing I love more than looking for a bargain and that's when a bargain finds me!  And that's exactly what happened over the weekend as I was casually minding my own business. Lol

BJ and I took our first stroll into town Saturday. We chatted with our neighbors, stopped at a garage sale, checked our mail at the post office, and enjoyed coffee and donuts. We did all of this on our way to the open air farmers market.  The farmers market lasts from April through October.  It is from 8 until 1 every Saturday. Two downtown streets are blocked off and some of the locals set up tables where they sell home-made pies, cookies, and soaps.  All kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables are available for purchase. Sounds quaint, doesn't it?  This little outing made my heart soar and reminded me of one of the reasons why I wanted this house in the first place. 

One particular building downtown that is usually rented out to groups for meetings and weddings was open.  The lady who manages it takes advantage of the crowds at the farmers market and sets up shop on Saturday mornings selling mainly antiques. We walked in and I spotted these two beauties:

I loved them but knew that end tables were very low on my list of wants and needs at the present. Until...I saw the price tag.  Until...she immediately came down on the price! They were originally $35.00 each and she told me I could have then for $25.00 each. Sold! 

As BJ loaded them in the car he noticed a serial number and manufacturers name ( Baker) inside the drawer. Of course I had to do some research. I found this Bakers table on E-bay. $395.00.

So...while in the process of filling up this empty house, it looks as though I just saved us approximately $750.00. Don't you just love it when that happens! ; )

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