Wednesday, April 2, 2014

House Hunting

Long long ago...when we lived in the land of cable...I watched HGTV! House Hunters was my favorite show.

This show makes house hunting look somewhat easy and quick and painless.  For one, they barely mention the gazillions of houses the families have to look at before narrowing their search down to the three that make the "short list."  Occasionally I would not understand their choice. It would seem as clear as a bell to me which one they should buy and yet they would choose another one.  That's because of the things the show does not elaborate on, things the viewers are not in on that factor in to the buyers decision.

I had this crazy notion that I would walk into a house and get all emotional knowing that it was the ONE!  I thought our house here in Texas may be something unusual or unique, not cookie cutter, I thought it would be old. 

I was so wrong!   The first time I stepped into this house I hated it! The only tears I shed were tears of disgust from the condition and smell of it.  It is cookie cutter and it is not old!

So why then? Why this one?

The only explanation I have is that it is a God thing! He has directed our steps and has opened the door wide open for us to purchase it. 

After my second visit to the house I could not get it out of my head!  I could not imagine living anywhere else.  The living area is spacious and open and yet it has several small rooms that appeal to the decorator in me. 

The owners circumstance allows us to get it at a good price and that's always a good thing.  They have accepted our offer despite it being several thousand dollars under what they owe.

The location is great for us.

After looking at a few historical houses I lost a desire to own one knowing they would end up owning us!! Financially and time wise!!  We no longer want our free time to be spent on house projects or yard work.  We are getting too old for that and besides there is too much to do here in Texas.  We also want to go home whenever we feel like it.  

This house should retain its value if we decide to sell and move back to Mississippi after retirement. 

There are still inspections to do and the owners are selling "as is" to us so we will see in the very near future if there are any hidden surprises! 

But for now we will continue to move forward until God shuts the door but if He continues to leave it open we will walk through knowing He has placed us in this little house on Gleneagles Drive in Ennis Texas.  

P.S. It will give me blogging material for many many months!!


  1. You disapproved the saying, “first impressions last”. Hehe! Kidding aside, it’s nice to know that you’ve considered other factors in getting that house. You might have seen the bad qualities of the place during your first visit, yet you still thought about its benefits and the convenience it will bring your family. I’m sure your blog will be full of interesting stuff in the future. I’ll be looking forward to reading all of them! Congrats on your new house! :)

    Paul Dabbs

  2. House hunting can really surprise us sometimes, just like what you experienced. You didn’t like the house at first because of the unpleasant things you discovered, but despite all that, you still ended up choosing it. I guess it’s in your hands now to make the best out of this house. Good luck!

    Bennie Graham @ Golden Group Real Estate