Monday, April 28, 2014

Bouillotte Lamp

bouil·lotte lamp

noun French Furniture.
a table lamp of the 18th century, having two or three adjustable candlebrackets and a common shade sliding on a central shaft.

I have always had a love for the bouillotte lamp, although I never knew it had this fancy French name until this past weekend. In years past I owned one!  And even though I can only vaguely remember it, I am  certain it was not an antique, but rather a cheap imitation! 

I love lamps, period!!  But the bouillotte lamp makes me drool.  B.J. and I went antiquing over the weekend. (I know this surprises you!!) and I spotted one.  I knew he would not share my love for it, but I also knew he would see the "richness" of it and get on board. He did!

The price was $95.00. The owner let me have it for $60.00!! According to my research , I think I got a pretty good deal since some listed for several hundred dollars. 

Mine is solid brass with three candelabras. The shade is black with a good bit of damage so I haven't decided if I will try to find a replacement or hide the worst part facing a wall. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic since we took it straight to storage but the picture above is very similar. 

Our goal over the next few weeks is to get as much as we possibly can into storage before the end of May.  Our closing date for the house is May 28 and the present owners have asked for the weekend to finish moving out. I will not mind "camping out" in the apartment with the bare necessities for a few days!  As a matter of fact, I can hardly wait!! 

The inspection is scheduled for Wednesday at 1:00. We are praying everything goes well. This will be the only thing holding us back from closing in May or worst yet from purchasing altogether. I will be holding my breath for the next three days!! 

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  1. a table lamp of the 18th century, having two or three adjustable candlebrackets and a common shade sliding on a central shaft. I have always ...