Friday, April 25, 2014

Amazing, Huh?

Last year God began to lead B.J. and I on a journey.  We watched His timing as each event unfolded and still stand in amazement!  

At the end of 2012 trouble was brewing at the family owned business where B.J. was working.  He had been there for six years. One family member was in the midst of a hostile take-over.  B.J. had no idea, completely in the dark!

He was approached in October of 2012 and then again in January of 2013 with a job offer in Texas and after much talk, prayer, and consideration we decided it was what we needed to do. Still unaware of the problems at the current company, he accepted the new job offer (with a starting date of May). It was not until our first visit to the new job site in April that he received a phone call giving him a hint as to what was taking place.  As it turned out, the exact day that he planned to go in and tell them he had accepted another job was also the day they had planned to unveil their "new" plans to him, which, by the way, did not include him! 

Amazing, huh?

Moving to Texas! He came without me in May. I started a slow transition from Mississippi to Texas beginning in around July. It was hard! Every emotion that I could conjure up, I conjured up!  At one time or another for the first few months, I experienced feelings that I am not so proud of:  resentment, anger, jealousy, loneliness, self-pity, doubt, fear... and INSECURITIES, oh my goodness!  All the while knowing what God had done for us!

Amazing, huh? 

Home-sickness sent me back to Mississippi often.  I wasn't sure Ennis, Texas would ever feel like home.  I still remember the first time driving back to Ennis after a visit home and feeling like I HAD returned home! I still remember, after wondering where I might want to live since there are many surrounding areas close enough for a short commute for B.J. every day, that Ennis WAS where I needed to be.      

Amazing, huh? 

Slowly, but surely, my turbulent state had begun to settle down.  God was restoring a soothing, calmness to my soul.   

Amazing, huh? 

When I wondered why He had not sold our house in Mississippi and doubted that we would ever be able to purchase one here, he provided a way while we continue to wait for ours to sell. When I doubted why I could not find the right house, he opened a door for a dream to come true.  The dream to own a charming 110 year old historical home right in the heart of downtown. When I wondered if we could ever possibly find a church we would feel at home at, He presented it to us!

Amazing, huh?

Sometimes I catch myself wondering what happened to the doubt, fear, resentment, and all those other ugly emotions.  I even look for them but all I can find is peace. Peace!!  It did not take place overnight. It took a year. But it has happened!  

Amazing, huh?

I pray for peace, I long for peace, and I sincerely hope for peace in the lives of everyone I love and cherish! 


Have an AMAZING weekend everyone!!

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