Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twice Saved

Once, from a dumpster in New Orleans.  The company owners were ready to throw it out.  B.J. saved it and brought it home.

Second, from me!

Before B.J. could get this chair unloaded out of his truck, I had already decided to take it down to the street and let my "trash to treasure" become someone else's "trash to treasure". Here's why: (1) I didn't like it; thought it was ugly and looked way too clinical. (2) I didn't think I had a place to put it (3) And the main reason being that I did not want one more unfinished project under my carport.  My collection is already entirely too large!!  It's starting to rattle my nerves!! 

But... for one reason or another it never made it down to the street.  And... as if I didn't have one other thing to do last week, I decided to use it as a guinea pig for my newly purchased paint.   Here it is painted in Annie Sloan's Provence.

A close up with Annie Sloan's Paris Grey dry brushed on to soften it up a little:

I sanded, waxed, and buffed it until I thought my arm was going to fall off.  Here it is all finished:

A close up:

The chair is really old and worn, but I think it enhances the look.  You can kinda see what I'm talking about here on the seat:

Here it is again all embellished:

Not sure I would have ever purchased this chair, but I guess I'll not pass up free. Every bedroom needs a chair for putting on socks and this will fit the bill in my son's old room!

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  1. Rescued indeed. Love it! I've been doing some things in that blue/gray color myself lately. Very nice.