Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Tracks

Where have I been you ask? Or maybe you don't,  but I'll tell you anyway.  Making tracks.  Here:

And here:

I went on a little retreat for a few days leaving my job, house projects, and all that I do day in and day out and enjoyed a little fun in the sun; made a few tracks in the sand; and of course did a little shopping, OK, a lot of shopping!

And then came home to the task of emptying two rooms to get ready for carpet installation.  I've never considered myself a pack-rat, but honestly I never realized how much I had crammed into two closets. Four rooms in my house were stacked with the contents of two bedrooms.  It stayed that way over the weekend until the carpet was installed on Monday.  We spent all day Tuesday putting things back where they belong and I'm still working on it.  With my daughter moving home I've got to find a new place for everything I had stored in her closet. 

We've been in our house for 18 years so that's how old the carpet is.  It is a very good grade carpet and that's the only reason it still looks as good as it does.  But, there comes a time when all the decorating and all the cleaning is cancelled out with nasty and worn out carpet.  And it is now that time!

We replaced the carpet in the master bedroom and hallway with laminate flooring last year.  The two bedrooms have new carpet so we still have the family room and dining room to go.  Yes, I have carpet in my dining room!  What was I thinking?  Our plans are to install laminate flooring this year; as well as; open the wall seperating those two rooms.  I'm anxious about it and dreading it all at the same time mainly because we will have to do all the work ourselves. I went to work on Monday and came home that afternoon to new carpet, but that's not going to happen with these two rooms!  How nice would that be, but it's not going to be! 

So... the smell, the plushness, and the tracks in my new carpet make me happy! 

More tracks... Shopping tracks!

While on my little retreat, I went to all the familiar consignment and antique shops, but made few purchases.  I saw many pretty things, just not a lot of bargains.  I did find these wine bottle corks. There was no price on them so the young sales girl told me to just put them in my purse.  I couldn't do that so I offered $3.00 for them.

The ironic thing about my shopping weekend, was the fact that I spent most of my time and money in Kirkland's.  That's ironic because I am not a huge fan of this store.  But they were having a significant sale on picture frames and had some that I liked.  I bought several because I'm working on a photo gallery in my hallway. 

And last, but not least... bunny tracks!

Another stop on the shopping excursion: Pottery Barn!  I love this store, but only go in there for inspiration.  I was not disappointed!  They were all decked out for much eye candy!  I came home and put this together keeping in mind one of their displays.  I already had everything: the rabbit, three tiered stand, and the ornaments.

Well, I'm off.  Got to make some more tracks!  This time around the homefront!

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