Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There is a thrift store near where I work. ( which is approx. 30 miles away from my house)  The name of it is Nuts, actually it is a Good Samaritan Center.  I stop in from time to time on my way home because every once in a while they will have a piece of antique furniture or something else in there that interests me.  Last Wednesday (my last day to work for the week) I ran in and found a red leather ottomon.  The price: $10.00!!  I could tell by the legs that it was an antique.  The leather was extremely worn, so much so that it kept me from loading it up. 

For the rest of the week and all weekend I thought about that red leather ottomon.  It looked kinda like the one in this picture in front of the chair except the legs were a little different and they had little casters on them.

I couldn't wait to get back in there on Monday because if it was still there it was going to be MINE!  But wouldn't you know it, GONE!  You would think I would learn!  OH NUTS!

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  1. This has happened to all of us at one time or another. I'm sorry your dream chair slipped away. :(