Saturday, February 4, 2012


OR IS IT????

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now.  Just not sure how to word it.  I know what I want to say but sometimes the right words never make it from my head to my fingers on this keyboard (MY keyboard, not this one) and then onto this blog. 

I strive (and unfortunately fail quite often) to live a balanced life.  I understand that there are issues in my life, not to mention in this whole wide world, that are way more important than what color lamp shade I use or whether or not to use the blue pillow or the brown one or should I hang the sheep picture in the bedroom or the dining room and so forth!

However... Decorating... It's what I love to do!  But it is also a constant balancing act.  Balancing time and money spent on decorating; as well as, staying out of traps: The "trendy" trap; the "deal" trap; and the "covet" trap. The deal and covet traps are simply being careful not to make unnecessary purchases or decisions based soley on something being a bargain or because someone else has it.  The trendy trap is a little more complex and it's where I want to camp out for a few minutes.  

I guess in a way it correlates with the covet trap because we're doing what the designers and decorators are telling us to do.  We buy magazines and watch HGTV to find out what colors, fabrics, and accessories are in so we can stay on top of the latest trends.  The trap is when we completely replace common sense, responsibility, and our own personal taste with what the designers and decorators tell us we should do or like.   

I ran across a blog this week that is a perfect example of what I am trying to say.  The lady posted a pic of her newly decorated room and apologized because her gold door knobs were showing, promising to have them all replaced and to update her pics as soon as she did.  She's caught! In the trap!  

The trend is not gold finishes, it's bronze or silver or black ones.  The trend is not colors, it's neutrels.  The trend is not ceiling fans, it's chandiliers...   

Guess what? I have gold door knobs (well not real gold, brass acutally).  I have color in my  house.  And I have ceiling fans.

Here's where balance comes in:

I love bronze, silver, and black finishes.  Does this mean I will spend the money to replace all the hardware in my house? No. I could paint them.  They make special paint for these types of projects now.  I'm not going to do that either.  I'm OK with gold.  And besides, as soon as the designers tell us that gold is back in style, all those who have one of the other finishes will want what I have!   

I watched a program on HGTV this week.  They featured a house that had multi-million dollor rooms in it.  Their dining room table alone was worth $300,000.00.  And no I didn't put in too many zeros.  Three hundred thousand dollars!   The people who had the house built loved gold.  There was gold everywhere and it was breathtaking.  My guess is is that gold fixtures will be back around sooner than later because of publicity like this!  

Neutral rooms like this one:

I love them!  But I also love color.  I have both in my house. Balance.  Remember these rugs?  Fun and colorful!  

Ceiling fans.  I have them.  I also love chandiliers.  I have both.  Will I ever get rid of my ceiling fans?  No.  I am convinced that the designers who tell  us to not like them anymore do not now nor have they ever lived in South Mississippi!  

I do not have the most up-to-date fans like this one:

Mine look a little more like this one, except they are brass.  I have, however, replaced most of my lamp shades in an attempt to give them a more up-to-date look.  But quickly realized that for the prices of those shades I could have easily afforded to replace the entire fan!

 There are some trends out there that will never tempt me.  Like the retro look. 

And I'm not terribly fond of Victorian decor:

Although you'll find touches of it here and there throughout my house along with a little Traditional, Asian, Contemporary, Country, French, and Coastal.  You will also find neutral and color, as well as, old and new.  You will find painted furniture and stained furniture.  You will also find things that no one else would want and yet are priceless to me.  And, oh yes, you WILL find gold!  Well, brass, but you know what I mean.

Balance.  Keep what you love. Buy what you love. Decorate with what you love.  Don't get caught in the trap.  All that glitters is NOT gold and yet sometimes it IS!   

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  1. Great post and advice! Balance is key. Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  2. Amen!!! Balance comes from a firm grasp on who we are and what we like ... no matter what other folks SAY we should like.