Friday, November 8, 2013


Initially I intended to write this post for the sole reason of giving my friends and family back home a little insight into my new hometown.  But then yesterday happened and I could not resist sharing the humor surrounding it (at least I found it quite humorous)!  So I will tell you about my day yesterday and then on to my original intent!

Let me start out by saying there is not much in the way of fun places to shop here in Ennis Texas.  With the exception of a few little antique and specialty stores there is just not much else!  One of the shops, Interior Ideas,  happened to be having their Christmas open house yesterday and I was invited to go and have lunch in their restaurant.
(Sorry for bad pic. Taken with my phone)

The lady who owns the company my husband works for has been very gracious and hospitable.  She has gone out of her way on several occasions to make me feel welcome and to introduce me to some of her friends. She is extremely wealthy and extremely influential in this small town and so are most of her friends!   For those of you  who know me, KNOW that hanging out with high society is not my "cup of tea".  Don't get me wrong!  I met many down to earth and  lovely people at the luncheon!  I could probably be friends with some of them, including my husband's boss but yesterday morning I was pretty much out of my comfort zone!

Considering where we were and why we were there, decorating their homes (mansions, I'm sure) for Christmas seemed to be a popular topic over lunch.  As I listened to these ladies talk I could not help but to laugh (silently of course) as I wondered about a couple of things.

B.J. likes to cook beans.  He likes all kinds of beans: Navy, Black, Great Northern...! He soaks them over night and then adds onions, seasoning, and ham hocks before letting  them simmer for hours. I thought about the pot of beans and ham hocks on my stove and wondered what the ladies at my table would think if I invited them all over for supper dinner!? Would they think they tasted delicious or would they turn their noses up? What would they think about my tiny sparsely furnished apartment and the aroma of beans cooking when they walked in?

They may not have found the apartment inviting or the beans tasty, but with complete confidence I can assure you they would have found at least one thing suitable: a clean toilet! And I know this to be a fact because while I was in the bathroom yesterday morning getting dressed for this luncheon I glanced over at the toilet and decided it needed a good cleaning!  I reached over, grabbed the bleach and toilet brush, and within a matter of  seconds Voila!  Quick, simple, done!  As I looked around the table, I wondered how many of the ladies cleaned their toilet while dressing for their lunch date at Interior Ideas?

Well, I guess I will have to save the "sights and sounds" of  Ennis for another post.  I hear Maintenance ringing doorbells in our building.  Better go make sure toilet is still clean in case they are checking plumbing in the bathrooms!

And by the way, I plan to put up a Christmas tree tomorrow.  I'll share pictures of it next week. Maybe! It's going to be very small and will be interesting to see how it turns out.  But if all goes well with the decorating it's quite possible I will consider hosting a luncheon. I can always talk B.J. into preparing a pot of his famous beans and ham hocks!  Whatcha think?

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