Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I WISH... you could have felt my emotions as I read this book I got in the mail yesterday from my daughter:

I WISH...I could copy each and every page of this book here on this blog for you to read, but here is a portion of it: 

"At the heart of this little book is a promise.  It's a promise from me to you and it goes like this: If you ever forget what a wonderful mother you are or doubt for a single moment how grateful I am to call you my mom...I promise to stop what I'm doing and remind you how much you mean to me. Meanwhile, may this little book help me say what's on my mind and in my heart...Read often for maximum smiles! I am truly blessed because you are my mother. You: tender, loving, smart, beautiful, forgiving, strong, patient, and kind. Me: fortunate. Thank you for all the tears you wiped away, for kisses that made it better, and your smile that said it was safe to face the world again. I remember how you assured me everything would be okay-even when it felt like it was the end of the world. And you were right. You make being a mom look easy.  I know it isn't. You have no idea how much you taught me when I was trying so hard not to learn! For all those aggravating years I thought the world revolved around me... I'm sorry. I think of all the times you must have been exhausted and ready to give up, but you didn't. May I be as strong of heart for those I love.  How did you become so wise? Why did it take me so long to notice? So much of who I am today is because of you. You give so unconditionally and ask for so little in return. Like the loving stitches of a quilt you connect us to what really matters: Each other.  The heart of who we are. Although I will never know your worry or heartache thank you for all the times you let me walk my own path.  Thank you for believing in me. Celebrate yourself...Embrace your gifts...Indulge yourself...And most of all, stay healthy...Remember to always eat your peas!"

I WISH...you all knew my daughter.  I wish you knew her then (where she has walked) because only then would you understand why her mom's heart soars at where she is in her life today and why I am so very grateful to God for answering  our prayers!   

I WISH...you could feel my heart leap every single time she lets me know that she is leaning on God for direction and answers on a particular matter.  It's always a "Wow" moment for me!

I HOPE...she understands how terribly bad I needed the box to arrive from Fed Ex yesterday and not last week when it was suppose to!  

I HOPE... she knows how much I would have enjoyed the M&M's that didn't make it; but how much humor I found in the puzzle book and how amazed I was at the love and thought that went into everything else she placed inside of that box! And how much I cried as I read the card, and the book, and opened the prayer locket. 

I HOPE...she's OK with the fact that she may be turning into me!  

I HOPE...No, pray, that someday she knows the love of a daughter (or son) who's mom is important enough to them that they care that she "Eats her peas"!    

I HOPE...You know how much I love you Katie Lynn!


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