Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Dollar Deal

Found this little silver tray today at a thrift store for you guessed it: $1.00!  This was my only purchase, but that's OK, it was worth it since I didn't make an out of the way trip.  While running errands, it was on the beaten path!!

 It's pretty tarnished but nothing a little silver polish 
and elbow grease won't take care of!  

See!  $1.00

The handles: 

Don't be afraid to buy silver that has been engraved.  It will be covered up with food when you use it and besides nobody usually notices.  If they do, just tell them it is a family heirloom you inherited and you have no idea what the initials stand for.  This one says C.A.F.B. O.W.C. 1976-77.  Go figure.  It looks like maybe it was given to someone who served in the position of C.A.F.B. at the O.W.C. Organization for one year between 1976 and 1977???

I got out the silver polish and did a little polishing even though it still needs a little work.  Call me crazy but I kinda like the tarnish look.  It is silver plated, but still worth $1.00 don't ya think?


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  1. You're right, that is a great find for $1. I love the shape!