Friday, October 7, 2011

Mr. Picker

You have your American Pickers as well as the Picker Sisters.  Now, please allow me to introduce to you Mr. Picker.

Taking on the role of Danielle of the American Pickers, I called Mr. Picker this week and sent him on a wild goose chase through the streets of New Orleans.  Here's the story:  A daughter was attempting to empty the contents of a house that once belonged to her mother and step-father.  Both passed away and the house had been sold.  She had to have everything out by the 14th of this month.  Both mother and step-father were antique dealers. can imagine what kind of goodies lurked within those rooms.  However... five antique store owners from the New Orleans area had already swooped down on it and left with a pretty hefty haul.  What could be left?  Mr. Picker knows collectibles when he sees them and there were still plenty of those in the house and in the shop behind the house.  The furniture was  pretty much gone, except for one desk.

With limited daylight (the shop was dark with no lighting) Mr. Picker got busy.  He was more than excited when he called me to tell me about his loot.  And here it is, all for under 150.00:

Primitive spool for a weaver's loom: (or something like that)

Oriental Fan:

Basket of Christmas blocks: (Also, some Shiny Bright ornaments that I did not take a picture of)

Old advertisement or newspaper:

Comic Book:

Wooden Eggs:

Primitive cabbage slicer:

And last but not least, a ladies writing desk.  It appears to be old, solid oak.  It has a ton of character even with all its flaws:

I will probably try to sell everything except the desk.

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