Wednesday, March 19, 2014

House Hunting - Week 1

One Word - Overwhelmed!!

Our apartment lease is up at the end of next month and we need to find something larger and a little more comfortable to suit our needs so we decided to begin the process of  looking to see what kind of houses in our price range are available in the area. I spent a few hours with a Realtor this week and I came to a significant conclusion:  This is hard! Harder than I ever expected.  It's going to be a challenge and I'm going to need a lot of patience!  A lot!!

All along I have visualized this moment:  I walk into a house and become emotional to the point of tears because I have fallen completely in love with THE ONE!  Well, I can tell you THAT didn't happen!  I hoped it would but it just didn't!!  I have been on so much over the past year that I have most of the houses on it memorized, but  I can tell you for certain things are not always what they appear in a picture on the internet!   The problem with the houses in our price range is that they are severly outdated and would take a ton of work and money to upgrade.  The ones under our price range that would give us extra money to do the upgrades are in not so great locations.  This is the challenge I am talking about!

On a positive note, the landlord at our apartment complex has been gracious to the point of giving us the option of staying here on a month to month basis without signing another year's contract and we recognize this as a blessing! It will give us the luxury of  being able to look for another apartment or a house on our time and without feeling rushed. And I feel certain we are going to need A LOT more time!!

In the meantime, I will continue to update on this new journey and will try to hold on to my dream!  THE ONE is out there somewhere.  I just know it is!

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  1. That’s true. House hunting can be quite overwhelming at times. Especially when things don't go the way you want it to be. Thankfully that's all been dealt with now, you were able to move in successfully. Now you can all celebrate the upcoming holidays happily, at the convenience of your own home.

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer