Sunday, March 23, 2014

Friends, Flea Markets, & Finding A House

FRIENDS! I noticed a couple at church a month or so ago, not sure why! I just did! This is a large church. Weeks later we attended Sunday school for the first time and they were in the class. Today began a four week series in a different class (even in a different  building) for anyone interested in joining the church and there they sat when we walked in. They sat in front of us in church and then asked us to lunch. After lunch, BJ and I drove to Walmart. They pulled up in the parking lot right ahead of us. All coincidental? No, I don't think so. I have prayed for friends.  We have several things in common with them. They are new to the area as well and are empty nesters too!

FLEA MARKET! Yesterday. Grand Prairie. Traders Village. My purchases. Two matching chairs for $20.00 each. Much work to be done on them, paint and new fabric, but I could not pass them up for that price. It's also hard to find matching chairs. (They are still in the car!)

FINDING A HOUSE! Still looking. We have never had to do this before and have only owned two houses. The first one we bought from my mother and the second one we built. In some ways it is fun and in others frustrating. I am trying to relish in the moment because we may never have the opportunity to do this again.  I want to concentrate on the fun and not the frustrating!!

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