Friday, September 14, 2012

Seven Swans A Swimmin

How About Two Swans A Hangin?


I bought this pair of corbels in an antique shop in Alabama over a year ago and have had great plans for them. They are finally in place!  Here's some close up shots:

They appear to be very old but we can't figure out what they were used for.  The knob on top of the heads and the front of the heads were extremely dirty so that gave us a clue that they may have been door pulls.  I have wished a million times I had asked for the booth owners name and phone number to see if they knew the history.  They are very unique and I can't find anything like them on the internet.  They were $35.00 each, so I'm not confident the booth owner knew what they had.  You cannot buy new corbels this size for this price, much less antique ones.

My "handyman" (aka: husband) had to do some repair work on the feet.  Both swans had a section of its foot chipped off.  He was able to repair one using wood filler, but the other one required a piece of wood glued on and then some actual carving.  

I cleaned them, sanded lightly, and then painted them with chalk paint.  They look great now.   I have some pics of them before painting, but I will need to find them.  Will post when I do.

They are hanging in the new opening between the living room and dining room.  Here's a pic, but please excuse the mess you can see and the poor lighting!!  We've gotten a lot done in the house, but still have a lot to do.  Curtains and a chandelier are on my list for future updates!

And here's their view from above:  My new floors!  Bye-bye nasty carpet!

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