Saturday, September 15, 2012


LAST BIG ONE AT LEAST!  Lots of odds and ends left to do.

FOR A LITTLE WHILE ANYWAY! We have a few trips planned.  Surgery is more than likely in my future (not certain but will know more about the reality of it after I see the surgeon next week).  If I do have the surgery, I should recover just in time to get ready for the holidays.  Hopefully we will be ready to tackle the exterior of the house next spring.  

Here's my project: THE FOYER

The plans are: (1) Paint the door and trim (2) Paint the walls a neutral color (3) Paint the floors

I know it defeats the purpose of spending money on oak just to paint it, but I did not know when purchasing it twenty years ago how REALLY tired I would become of looking at this door. 

Way past time for the red walls to go!

The floors are wood, but I do not like how they look next to the laminate flooring we put down.  The two floors join going into the dining room and the living room. I hope I like what I have planned for them. 

I can't wait to see this room come together.  I'll post pics as we go.  Right now I'm off to prime this bad boy!

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