Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Dirty Little Secret...

Is out of the bag!!

This is my very tall and very old curio cabinet that  has been sitting in the same spot for several years.

 When we moved it to take out the carpet, this is what we found:

I never moved it to clean behind it (obviously) because I was afraid it would tip over and I couldn't stand to think about breaking the curved and beveled glass.  

We are still working on the living room.  No new floors yet.  We found where water had been coming in under the patio door and had to address that problem.  Currently, we are working on  leveling the concrete floor (involves sanding and filling) and painting the room.  Hopefully we will start on the floors next weekend.  

Here I am vacuuming my 18 year old carpet for the last time 

Bye Bye Carpet!!

On a completely different note, here is a pic of my new "grand" dog.  
Cute as a bug with personality to match!


  1. I have two of those dirty little secrets. Big dressers I can't move without unloading them. Sigh. Following you on linky. (Robin's Eccentricities)

    1. Robin, I probably have quite a few of those nasty cobwebs lurking behind things around here! Just won't look right now :)