Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cork Board

A few years ago I bought a wall hanging at Kirkland's but it was one of those pieces that I could never find the right place for so I never hung it.  When my son moved out and I redecorated his room, it got "stuck" in there.

And dummy me forgot to take a "before" pic!  So I'll attempt to describe it.

It was made like a shadowbox with three square metal trivets placed inside boxes with a green mat placed on top. Actually, after tearing it apart we discovered that the metal trivets were not really metal, but plastic painted to look like metal and the boxes were made out of Styrofoam.

Not sure you get the "picture", but it's the best I could do to describe it.

Several weekends ago, I found some old wooden darts with turkey feathers at a local antique shop. I loved them, but did not buy them. Later, I had a brainstorm about how to use them so my husband bid on some on e-bay and won. They were cheaper than the ones in the antique store ($10.00 for a dozen).

This past weekend we (meaning "he") took the shadowbox apart and put cork board in place of all the other stuff! I hung it back up in my son's room with some of his memorabilia pinned to it using the darts.

The black frame looks good in his room so I am not going to paint it.  The only thing I want to do is add a few more pieces of memorabilia.      

A signed golf score card from Brett Farve.  My dad use to play golf with him. 

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