Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Or is it? 

Decorating is just something I do first of all because I love it and secondly to give myself a diversion from all other cares and concerns that plaque me!

Yesterday as I sat in our TV room and talked on the phone with a friend, I must have looked like a jack in the box, jumping out of my chair over and over as I rearranged the books and accessories on the shelves!

For now I like the way they turned out, also knowing they are only one phone call away from getting a completely different look! 

Sometimes when I can't decide about the placement of things, I take a picture and can immediately see what I need to do. So that's what I did here with the arrangement of the blue and white jars. 

The first pic was the original arrangement. The second pic was what I thought to be the new and improved arrangement, that is, UNTIL I looked at them side by side. I think now the first one looks better. But what do I know? 

Speak to me pics!  What? What did you say? 

The first one? Maybe the second one? But probably the first one?

Oh good grief!! 

A personal not to myself and FYI:  In light of everything else in this world and in my life, I know the shuffling of these vases is insignificant!  I will move on pretty quickly as I try not to allow things such as this to consume my thoughts or my day! 

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