Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Million Little Things...

And one BIG thing... We're moving!  So... after twenty years home sweet home may not be home sweet home for much longer.

Two years ago I was struck with a bug, the redecorating "bug".  I (meaning we because I could not have done it all by myself) started tearing out one room at a time. My husband gladly jumped on board, well maybe not gladly, but he did jump on board. This bug manifested itself partly out of boredom since I had recently become an empty nester.  My son left for college and then my husband started a new job working out of town. My daughter had moved out a few years ago.  Another reason being that although I've changed things up around here over the years such as paint colors and other little things, it was time to seriously take it out of the 90s.   But the most important reason of all was because even though I never  imagined at the time we would be selling, God did!  It was all part of His plan!

We started with the guest bathroom, painting it, changing out the mirror and light fixtures and adding some new accessories.  This bathroom was done on a budget as we spent more time than money in here.  We textured the walls using tissue paper.  It was a painstaking process. They turned out OK, but I would never ever do it again!   Thankfully it is a small room.

My son's old room and my daughter's old room got fresh paint, new carpet, and new bedding.  These pictures (courtesy of have caused me to go back and change a few things in these rooms (pictures, furniture placement, etc.)

The master bedroom also got spruced up with new paint and new accessories.  We removed the worn out carpet in here and installed laminate flooring.  My headboard was made out of an old barn door.

The foyer got new paint and a new light fixture.  We added some molding to the top of the door.  The sidelights, as well as, the door are oak and were stained.  We painted the door black and painted the sidelights to match the other trim in there. The floors in there were the big project.





Another massive project was removing the wall that separated the family room and dining room.  Oops!  I just realized my husband has the camera card with him that have the pics of this project on it.  Here's one I found of the foyer after we started painting it.  If you look to the left you can see the new opening where the wall once separated the two rooms.  The wall was a load bearing one so we had to install a header. B.J. installed the header and all the molding, some of it was bought, but he made some of it too.

Here is the dining room looking in from the family room.  There was carpet in here.  It was replaced with laminate flooring, the walls were painted and new accessories added.  We added crown molding to match the family room.  My intentions were to replace the chandelier, but will leave this one in here.  I was also debating on whether or not to paint some or all of the furniture in this room (especially the buffet) but will not do anything to it right now.   

The family room got fresh paint and new flooring.  I painted the fireplace mantle and changed up some furniture and picture placements in here.  Again, I was on the search for new furniture, but will wait on that until we move.  (I'm going to be having a massive garage sale!)

The two rooms we had not gotten to when the new job and the move came WOULD have to be the most important ones when selling a house, the master bathroom and the kitchen!

However, we are trusting God to sell our house just like it is. We know He has someone to buy it who will love it and make some wonderful memories here just as we have! I'm not sure how I am going to do when it is time to drive away for the last time, but I do know that God has been in every step of this journey that began six years ago and He will take us into a new one!   I can't wait to share our testimony, but will save it for another post.

Twenty years of living, celebrating, laughing, nurturing, fussing, playing, crying, worrying, praying, planning, cooking, decorating, cleaning, dreaming, and the list goes on and on behind the walls of this house
with the three most important people in my life!  

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